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    Heritage Oak Joinery ~ A joiner differs from a carpenter in that joiners cut and fit joints in wood that do not use nails, Joiners usually work in a workshop since the formation of various joints generally requires non-portable machinery.

    A carpenter normally works on site.

    Cabinet makers who specialise in manufacturing furniture are regarded as producing fine joinery.

    A "joiner" would generally produce items such as interior and exterior doors, windows, stairs, tables, bookshelves etc.

    In the UK a wood occupations apprentice could choose to study Bench Joinery or Site Carpentry and Joinery. Bench Joinery being the preparation, setting out and manufacture of joinery components. Site Carpentry and Joinery focuses on the setting out and fabrication of timber elements of construction and installation of the joinery components.

    On site the carpentry can be roughly designated to the timber work installed before the plasterer does his work and joinery can be seen as that timber work installed or fitted after.

    The Institute of Carpenters recognises the following professionals working in wood
    Furniture & Cabinet Makers
    Boat builders (Woodworking Skills)
    Structural Post & Beam Carpenters
    Heavy Wheelwrights
    Wood Carvers
    Wood Turners